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  • Asian Games rolls out themed aircraft fleet

    Two planes featuring patterns related to the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, which is to be held in fall 2023, made their debut on Monday in Hangzhou, local media outlets reported. The aircraft, part of the last group of the Hangzhou Asian Games fleet, were converted from Airbus A321-Neos, which feature a slimmer body, more […]

  • Alibaba’s dual primary listing in Hong Kong gains final approval

    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd said on Monday night its voluntary conversion to a dual primary listing in Hong Kong has been confirmed by the Hong Kong stock exchange. Alibaba, which already has a secondary listing in Hong Kong, expected the primary listing to be completed by the end of this year, the company said in […]

  • Lin’an Agriculture Innovation Park opens

    The Lin’an Agriculture Innovation Park in Lin’an district, Hangzhou opened on Aug 8. The park was built by the district government and Zhejiang A&F University to promote rural vitalization. Twenty-nine companies have opened offices in its 3,000-square-meter incubation space. “Most agriculture companies are operated in remote villages and can hardly enjoy innovation resources in the […]

  • Hangzhou’s lotus charm

    In summer , the lotus flowers in West Lake area in Hangzhou of East China’s Zhejiang province are blossoming and enticing thousands of tourists. The best time to appreciate lotus is from 5 to 6 am, when each lotus stands elegantly against morning glow. As the Chinese poem goes, “Green lotus leaves outspread as far […]

  • Zhejiang releases first National Fitness Development Index

    On the occasion of the National Fitness Day on August 8, the Provincial Sports Bureau released the “2020 Zhejiang National Fitness Development Index Report” on August 5. This is the first time our province has released the NFDI to the society. The index evaluation system consists of 3 first-level indicators, including “basic conditions for national […]

  • The “Asian Games” painted aircraft made debut

    The “Asian Games” painted aircraft themed by the torch officially made debut on August 8. The aircraft fuselage was used as a large screen for the 3D mapping on the site. So far, all the 12 Hangzhou Asian Games painted aircraft have made public appearance, bringing the bright colors of “Asian Games” to the blue […]

  • 8 Hangzhou companies enter Fortune 500 list

    Business magazine Fortune released its latest Global 500 list on August 3, with eight Hangzhou companies taking places. The eight companies are Alibaba (55th), WZ Group (120th), Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group (180th), Geely Holding Group (229th), Hengyi Petrochemical Co (264th), Zhejiang Communications Investment Group (302nd), Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Co (336th), and Zhejiang Hailiang […]

  • Chef honored as ‘Hangzhou Craftsman’

    Wang Jianyun, a well-known Chinese cuisine chef in Hangzhou, was awarded the honor of “Hangzhou Craftsman” recently. Wang has been engaged in the catering industry for over 30 years, bringing new cooking concepts and ideas to traditional Hangzhou cuisine.