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  • Hangzhou will implement the new basic public service standard next month

    Hangzhou Basic Public Service Standard (2022) (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Standard) has been issued recently and is expected to be implemented from September 1, 2022. It is the first time that Hangzhou defines the contents and scopes of basic public services of the city in form of standards. Hangzhou Standard sets out the standard […]

  • Bumpy Liuhe Road is upgraded to the smooth and broad one in Hangzhou

    The once bumpy and crammed Liuhe Road, which is the only main east-west road running through Xiaoheshan Higher Education Park in West Hangzhou, has been rebuilt into the two-way six-lane road to facilitate citizens’ smooth travel. Non-motor vehicle parking lots, bus stations and temporary parking spaces are offered near the metro stations along Liuhe Road […]

  • Zhejiang accelerates construction of affordable rental housing

    The reporter recently learned from the Provincial Construction Department that in the first half of the year, our province has raised 319,000 sets (rooms) of affordable rental housing, and completed the annual target of 300,000 sets (rooms) ahead of schedule. Among the 319,000 sets (rooms) of affordable rental housing, there are about 146,000 sets (rooms) […]

  • Some ramps of Hangzhou Zhonghe Flyover are open to traffic today

    Starting from 10:00 am on August 10, five interchange ramps of Zhonghe Flyover situated at the center of Hangzhou opened for trial run as the expansion and renovation project of the flyover came to a close. The old flyover will continue to function as the transportation interchange hub of downtown Hangzhou. Zhonghe Flyover has been […]

  • Charity freezer warms the hearts of Hangzhou residents

    Passersby get free drinks from the freezer. A charity freezer placed on a street in Lin’an district, Hangzhou recently went viral online as a livestream focusing on it gained over 12 million views, Hangzhou Daily reported. Netizens were touched by passersby getting a free icy drink from a freezer on the dog days of summer […]

  • Hangzhou patents won two gold, one silver and seventeen excellence awards

    Twenty patents of Hangzhou have recently won two China Patent Gold Awards, one China Appearance Design Silver Award, and seventeen China Patent Excellence Awards. China Patent Award is the only award specially granted by the state-level government department to patented invention and creations and is the highest-ranking patent award in China. What are two patents […]

  • The Hypergravity Laboratory and Hangzhouxi Station witness the growth of Yuncheng

    Hangzhouxi Station, the west wing of Hangzhou railway hub, will be put into use soon since Huzhou-Hangzhou Section of Hefei-Hangzhou High-speed Rail entered trial operation. Centered on Hangzhouxi Station, a fabulous metropolis hailed as Yuncheng has gradually taken shape as the urban construction surrounding the station, from industry to residential houses and transportation, progresses in […]

  • These districts in Hangzhou have launched different tactics for attracting talents

    In order to become “a pacesetter in talent recruitment with aggregation of 100 top global talents, 1,000 leading talents and 1 million college students to start a business in Hangzhou”, all districts and counties of Hangzhou have introduced talent policies to provide more jobs, unleash development potential and safeguard the wellbeing of talents. Shangcheng District […]

  • Zhejiang Province is deepening the construction of digital government

    On August 4, the Information Office of the Provincial Government held a press conference on the Opinions of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province on the Implementation of Deepening the Construction of Digital Government (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Opinions). The relevant person in charge of the General Office of the Provincial Government released […]