Youth football dreams travel across the oceans

This year, the “Asian Games Football Dream” Public Welfare Project has obtained new breakthroughs on the road of overseas expansion. Following the first landing in Malaysia, the Asian Games Public Welfare proactively cooperated with Hong Kong (China), United Arab Emirates, Japan and other countries and regions, and took initiative to integrate into the tide of coordinated development of Asian sports, hoping that the young people in Asia can unite together with the help of “Asian Games Football Dream” to understand Hangzhou Asian Games and improve football skills.

SJK(C) CHIN WOO Primary School of Malaysia received the football equipment kits donated by Jinling Sports.

On July 18 this year, the first batch of football training materials arrived at and was handed over to SJK(C) CHIN WOO Primary School of Malaysia. The “Asian Games Football Dream” Public Welfare Project plans to complete the donation of 100 “Asian Games Football Dream” Schools of Malaysia in September.

“Asian Games Football Dream” School Application completed by schools of Dubai

In March this year, the Asian Games Public Welfare sent the invitation to a great number of UAE schools. At present, three schools have officially submitted the “Asian Games Football Dream” School Application. In July this year, Chiu Yang Por Yen Primary School (Hong Kong, China) was officially selected as the first “Asian Games Football Dream” School. In August this year, the Asian Games Public Welfare sent the invitation of joining the “Asian Games Football Dream” Schools to two schools of Japan by letter, hoping to receive a reply soon and jointly contribute to the realization of the Asian Games Dream.

Letters on inviting two schools of Japan to participate in the Asian Games Public Welfare

As of August, 2022, there were about 2,500 schools submitting the Asian School Application of this project, 1,902 schools were selected, and nearly 1,300 schools completed school plaque awarding and equipment donation.

Hangzhou speeds up efforts to build world-class historical city

Actresses donning traditional Chinese costumes give a performance at Hangzhou Intime Department Store. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

Hangzhou plans to press ahead with the initiative to turn itself into a world-class historical city as this year marks the 40th anniversary of Hangzhou’s inclusion into China’s first-batch of historical and cultural cities.

The city will develop scenic spots including the Grand Canal Culture Park, the Liangzhu Archaeological Relics Park and the Westlake Love Culture Park.

Hangzhou will also promote the construction on the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) Palace Relics Park, also known as the Southern Song Museum.

The city will continue to host cultural events including the Song Culture Festival, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Dialogue, Westlake Day and Liangzhu Day.

The city is aiming to have the added value of its cultural sector hit 300 billion yuan ($43.47 billion) in five years.

2,800 classrooms equipped with LED eye-protection lights

[Photo/Facebook account: Hangzhoufeel]

In Hangzhou’s Gongshu district, 2,800 classrooms have been equipped with LED eye-protection lights, which look like mirrors from the side and are not harmful when looked at directly. The brightness of the lights can be adjusted according to the user.

Fuchun Mountains Ship makes maiden voyage


[Photo/Facebook account: Hangzhoufeel]

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains Ship, the first modern tourist ship named after the famous Chinese painting of the same name by Huang Gongwang, has begun a trial run in Fuyang district, Hangzhou. The ship can accommodate 180 passengers at a time, allowing them to enjoy the natural landscapes depicted in the ancient painting.

Animated blockbuster production team holds roadshow in Hangzhou

The production team of the animated blockbuster movie New Gods: Yang Jian meets audiences during their roadshow at a cinema in Hangzhou on Aug 22. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

The production team of the animated blockbuster New Gods: Yang Jian, which is playing to pack audiences at nearly 9,000 cinemas nationwide, visited Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang province, on Aug 22 to do a roadshow.

The film, which is being shown at nearly 9,000 cinemas nationwide, is produced by Light Chaser Animation, directed by Zhao Ji and features the voices of Wang Kai, Li Lanling and Ji Guanlin.

The animated film raked in more than 100 million yuan ($14.49 million) in box office revenue within two days of its premiere on Aug 19.

An audience member asks questions during the roadshow. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

During the roadshow, one fan commented that it was the third time that she had watched this movie, and each time she was amazed at the story lines and visual effects.

The movie features many characters from The Legend of Deification, an ancient Chinese classic.

Light Chaser Animation set up its Hangzhou branch in Xihu district in 2021.

Hangzhou new airport terminal to start trial operations

Interior of the newly-completed Terminal 4 of the Hangzhou International Airport in East China’s Zhejiang province. [Photo/]

Terminal 4 of the Hangzhou International Airport in East China’s Zhejiang province, a key building of the airport’s phrase-three project, will start trial operations for domestic flights on Sept 8 and international flights two days later, local media outlets reported.

If running smoothly, the airport will officially open in mid-September. It will become the largest airport in Zhejiang province and the second largest in East China.

The new terminal, covering a total construction area of about 720,000 square meters, is much larger than the 98,000-sq-m T1, 96,000-sq-m T2, and 168,000-sq-m T3. It will accommodate more passengers in a more spacious area.

The maintenance team of the airport has arranged 350 staff members on Sept 1 for a thorough clean-up of the airport and a fire drill, which by ejecting artificial smoke, will test whether sensors in the building can detect the smoke in a timely manner and turn on the purging system automatically, and ground evacuation signs, escape stairs, radio broadcasts, and sound and light alarms can remind passengers to evacuate as soon as possible.

A smoke evacuation test is carried out at the airport, which will start trial operations for domestic flights on Sept 8 and international flights on Sept 10. [Photo/]

Hangzhou accredits 53 new rural (community) museums

In order to record and preserve regional civilization, Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration issued documents to support extensive construction of modern rural museums that have rich cultural deposits and distinctive local features. Hangzhou has recently added 53 accredited rural (community) museums which will be open to the public for free. This indicates that all the tasks of provincial and municipal level people-centered practical projects have been completed in advance.

Featured by local rural culture, these museums help to boost self-confidence of rural areas for their culture. For example, Shunan Exhibition Center of Qiantang District falls into seven units, including “Liangzhu Culture”, and “Shang & Zhou Culture”, to clearly narrate the historical and cultural venation of Shunan Village. Fuyang Yuan-era Book Paper Culture Exhibition Center in Fuyang District displays the complicated procedures for the production of the papers of books in the Yuan Dynasty and promotes the image of Fuyang as the “China Hometown of Bamboo Paper”.

One of the features of Hangzhou’s rural (community) museums is that they are  characteristic celebrity culture museums based on the locality to serve the community. For example, Chen Duoru Exhibition Center of Xiaoshan District displays the history of business development of bankers during the period of the Republic of China, demonstrating the rich cultural deposits and strong commercial atmosphere in Linpu, where the museum is located.

In addition, museums are combined to present theme exhibitions. They also invite the local cultural bureau and medias to jointly publicize and display the distinguished cultures of respective districts and provide the museum maps for the public’ s quick references to the distinguished cultures of the museum.

The Asian Games goes with public welfare

September 5 is the Charity Day of China. In order to stage a people-centered pageant Asian Games that is participated and shared by all, Hangzhou Asian Games goes with public welfare to establish Hangzhou Asian Games Public Welfare System with the large-scale public action of “seeking for 2022 Asian Games aspirations” as the focus. Such combination will enrich material heritages, and accelerate Hangzhou’s process in building an international metropolis.

The Asian Games sports work with the Asian Games public welfare to realize public sharing and common prosperity. The activity has donated 2022 schools with “Asian Games Football Dream” to enable children to pursue their football dream. Olympic champions give PE lessons at rural primary schools. Schools for impaired students and nursing centers for the impaired have received sports facilities specially made for the impaired.

Sports contribute to the harmonious development of people, while public welfare focuses on humanistic feelings. Hangzhou Asian Games Public Welfare has reached over 30 provinces in China, as well as Japan, Malaysia and other countries to promote the exchange of civilizations and highlight the Olympic spirit.

In addition, public welfare is backed up by the Asian Games sponsors and helps to promote the enterprise brand, Asian Games brand and city brand. The core technologies of the enterprises refresh the depth, extent and caring intensity of the Asian Games Public Welfare to enable people-centered sports.

Visual feast of various gymnastics skills

“Exciting Hangzhou” ICBC Cup National Gymnastics Championships 2022 officially kicked off at Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium in Zhejiang on September 4, and 224 athletes from 21 teams across the country will compete for 6 straight days here.

Top athletes assembled at the Asian Games Venue which was well recognized for its advanced facilities. It is the first national event staged here since the renovation of Huanglong Sports Centre. The championships has not only witnessed the vigorous images of many champions, but has also fully tested the quality of the venue. Athletes sung high praise of the facilities of the Asian Games Venue and looked forward to making new breakthroughs in the upcoming Asian Games.

Citizens may watch the championships by buying tickets. The spectators of the Championships include elders and newborns. They are all grateful to have the chance of seeing the champions in person and are amazed at the seamless funnel-shaped LED screen and other advanced facilities. All the details in sporting services enable audiences to have a better view of the competition from all directions and enjoy it. For example, the venue provides strollers, wheelchairs and other dedicated facilities to serve the vulnerable group.

Students are inspired by informative sports activities in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is growing into a happy hunting ground for the 19th Asian Games, with residents flocking to enjoy sports activities highlighting the sportsmanship of this great event. In a new semester, various activities are held in the campus of Hangzhou to greet the Asian Games.

By integrating the sports elements of the Asian Games, Hangzhou Shibanqiao Kindergarten has carried out the Asian Games touring activity, so that cute children can participate in the related games, such as “Parkour Brave”, “Ball League” and “Sports Expert”.

During the activity, children can understand and greet the Asian Games as a little host, which improves their health and cultivates the sportsmanship of sunshine and perseverance.

At the Opening Ceremony of Hangzhou Wenlan Primary School, Shao Yiwen, the swimming champion of the 16th Asian Games, was invited to tell her own story of the Asian Games to children. In the activity, the Asian Games Torch was relayed from Shao Yiwen to Principal Zhou Xiaoting, teacher representative, and young pioneer representative, which symbolized the inheritance.

Shao Yiwen enriches the children’s knowledge of the Asian Games, passes on the tenacious and persistent spirit of the Asian Games to students, and encourages them learn how to live and study and how to find self-value.