Hangzhou rolls out three measures to stabilize enterprise employment

As the Spring Festival is drawing near, many Hangzhou-based enterprises charter couches to transfer employees going to and from Zhejiang Province for free, while quite a few out-of-province employees stick to their posts. Recently, Hangzhou Employment Service Center has announced labor-friendly measures to ensure stable production of enterprises during the Spring Festival by encouraging employees to return work and stick to posts and by offering more jobs for employees.

To encourage employees to return to work, Hangzhou will compensate 50% of the fee for chartering couches to pick up employees from outside the province to return to work, with capped subsidiary of 200,000 yuan for each enterprise and 500 yuan for each out-of-province employee who covers social insurance in Hangzhou and sticks to the post for two days during the Spring Festival.

To offer more jobs for employees, Hangzhou will hold 100 online and offline job fairs where several thousand enterprises will offer ten thousand jobs. In addition, to ensure employment of personnel in bottom strata, Hangzhou will offer a number of public posts for personnel in difficulty and provide them with precise assistance in employment.