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  • Mascots join Deqing youngsters for flash mob

    As the mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games, Congcong, Chenchen and Lianlian, joined Deqing teenagers engaged in the funny basketball flash mob at the 3V3 basketball gym in Deqing County, Hangzhou at 10:00 am yesterday. Thirty students from Deqing County Experimental Primary School sang The Most Beautiful Scenery, a song for the promotion of Hangzhou Asian […]

  • Classy Hangzhouxi Station

    The second “delegation of observers”, composed of provincial, municipal and district party representatives and enterprise representatives, was shown around Hangzhouxi Railway Station Hub yesterday. Many of them were amazed at the tremendous change from a mere construction site to the magnificent building replete with modern technologies in a spacing of only three years. According to […]

  • An 89-year-old roller skating idol in Hangzhou

    A group of elderly people wearing roller skates slide in a beautiful arc on the ground in Hangzhou West Lake Third Park every Thursday morning. Among them, the most attractive one is 89-year-old Xu Guoming labeled as “Roller Skating Youth” with white hair. Xu Guoming has been keen on roller skating since he was a […]

  • Enjoy this movie-level event in Hangzhou

    In recent days, “Exciting Hangzhou” ICBC Cup National Gymnastics Championships 2022 has been in full swing, bringing the strength & beauty sports competition to spectators. The splendid sports show in Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium created one climax after another for the on-site atmosphere. The light show in the warm-up link lit up the arena. When […]

  • Hangzhou International Day: Annual event calls for global cooperation in innovation

    Celebrations for the fifth Hangzhou International Day kicked off on Monday, September Fifth. Hangzhou International Day was started in April 2018 to mark the anniversary of the closing of a G20 meeting held in Hangzhou. It has since become an annual event. This year’s theme exhibition opened on Monday. The exhibition introduces the Hangzhou Chengxi […]

  • The disabled partners give free haircuts for the aged

    A couple with hearing disabilities in Hangzhou, East China’s Zhejiang Province, opened a barber shop to offer free haircut to the elderly, which has attracted wide attention on the internet. A couple with hearing disabilities in Hangzhou, East China’s Zhejiang Province, opened a barber shop to offer free haircut to the elderly, which has attracted […]

  • The disabled partners give free haircuts for the aged

    File photo: SF Holding’s freighters wait for loading at a airport. [Photo/China Daily] The municipal government of Hangzhou signed a cooperation framework agreement with Shenzhen-listed SF Holding Co, one of China’s largest courier companies, on Aug 29. According to the agreement, SF Holding will build its East China headquarters in Hangzhou. The new headquarters will […]

  • Hangzhou achievement exhibition grabs worldwide attention

    With the theme of “revitalizing the industry based on the city and sharing integrated development”, the Fifth Hangzhou International Day opened along Qiantang River on the morning of September 5. High-level achievements as a result of the opening-up policies displayed on the exhibition attracted high-quality resources and elements from around the world, making a strong […]

  • Hard nut of Hangzhou-Quzhou Railway cracked

    Yantangshan Tunnel, the longest tunnel of Hangzhou-Quzhou Railway, has recently been cut through, indicating a major breakthrough of the project and making a solid foundation for the construction of electing beams and ballastless track in the next stage. Located in the region of Jiande (Hangzhou), Yantangshan Tunnel is one of the key and difficult projects […]

  • Another elevated road witnesses Hangzhou speed

    Qiaodai Line-Dailin Road Section Elevated Road of the south extension (Hangzhou Beltway-Middle Ring Road Section) project of Shidai Avenue in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou was put into test run on September 5. With a length of the main line of 5.75 km, the elevated road section, upon opening to traffic, can not only effectively relieve the […]