Mascots join Deqing youngsters for flash mob

As the mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games, Congcong, Chenchen and Lianlian, joined Deqing teenagers engaged in the funny basketball flash mob at the 3V3 basketball gym in Deqing County, Hangzhou at 10:00 am yesterday.

Thirty students from Deqing County Experimental Primary School sang The Most Beautiful Scenery, a song for the promotion of Hangzhou Asian Games, along with the mascots on the site. Then, six young basketball players participated in a funny & intense basketball match at the 3V3 basketball gym. The wonderful match was accompanied by melodious rhythm and the flash mob enabled the citizens of Deqing to feel the passion and vitality of Hangzhou Asian Games.

“Asian Games Promotion Tour to Ten Cities by Geely”, a large-scale cultural promotion activity, has recently reached Nanjing to exchange experiences on how to stage large-scale international events and share the ethos of the Asian Games. On the way to Nanjing, the organizer specially launched the flash mob in Deqing, one of the competition venues of Hangzhou Asian Games, with a purpose to make the Asian Games penetrate into the life of Deqing citizens.