Zhejiang ends emergency response to typhoon

This year’s No. 11 Typhoon “Hinnamnor” was now landing on the eastern coast of South Korea at 8 o’clock today. The impact on our province has ended, and the Provincial Meteorological Observatory will no longer release relevant news about it.

According to the “Zhejiang Province Emergency Plan for Flood Control, Typhoon Prevention and Drought Relief”, the Provincial Headquarters for Typhoon Prevention decided to end the emergency response at 9:00 on September 6. This morning, there are still strong winds of magnitude 9-11 in the northeastern sea area of the East China Sea. In the afternoon, it will gradually weaken to gusts of magnitude 6-7 and 8. Please take precautions.

At present, our province is still in the typhoon flood season, and some cities and counties are still in drought. All local governments and departments are requested to focus on both flood control and drought relief, and continue to do a good job in flood control, typhoon prevention and drought relief.