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Hangzhou optimizes medical insurance service

To meet the demand of personnel covering social insurance for medical services, such as household sickbeds and home medical services, Hangzhou has recently rolled out ‘New Policy on Rates for Home Medical Service and Medical Reimbursement’ to optimize medical insurance services.

1) household sickbed will be tentatively charged at 80 yuan per time;

2) home medical service will be reimbursed by medical insurance to alleviate citizens’ burden for medical care.

Zhejiang sees increase in inbound trips after policy adjustment

Zhejiang province has seen an increase in the number of people entering and exiting China since the country removed certain COVID-19 restrictions on international passenger flights on Jan 8.

According to the provincial bureau exit and entry, from Jan 8 to 16, the province issued 68,471 exit and entry certificates, up 2,500 percent year-on-year.

Hangzhou issued 20,125 exit and entry certificates, the most of any city in the province, followed by Wenzhou and Ningbo.

The provincial bureau’s statistics suggest that most people were travelling for tourism, business, family reunion, or education.

Tao Dong, an officer at the provincial bureau of exit and entry, said that people can also apply for “green channel” services, which give priority to people who have urgent needs.

Immediate retail becomes new fashion at the Mid-autumn Festival

The data of a take-out service platform show that Hangzhou citizens’ attention for moon cakes soars as the Mid-autumn Festival is approaching, with search volume for “moon cake” increased by a factor of 18 and orders for moon cakes more than tripled compared to the same time last year.

The details of the orders show that Hangzhou citizens prefer three traditional stuffing, namely salty egg yolk, sweet bean paste and five nuts. Time-honored brands are also favored by merchants. With regard to the package, gift box and simple package are equally popular.

This year’s online consumption is much higher than that of previous years, mainly due to two reasons: 1) Consumers may enjoy discount by purchasing online; 2) Take-out service platforms provide faster and better services. According to many young consumers, online purchasing is faster and more convenient than the traditional online channels. Consumers can not only enjoy fresher moon cakes, but can also place orders to the taste preference of family members and friends.

Immediate retail has been different from traditional commodity sales mode and can meet young consumers’ demand for faster delivery of the commodities.

Binjiang incubates new listed firm

Representatives ring the bell to celebrate the listing of Hangzhou Langhong Technology Co Ltd on Beijing Stock Exchange on Sept 1. [Photo/Hangzhou Daily]

Hangzhou Langhong Technology Co Ltd, headquartered in Binjiang district, Hangzhou became the district’s 67th listed firm on Sept 1.

Zhang Dengfeng, top official of Binjiang district, and Xi Hong, chairman of Hangzhou Langhong Technology Co Ltd, rang the bell for the listing.

Hangzhou Langhong Technology Co Ltd is an industry leader in providing security solutions for electronic merchandise.

Youth football dreams travel across the oceans

This year, the “Asian Games Football Dream” Public Welfare Project has obtained new breakthroughs on the road of overseas expansion. Following the first landing in Malaysia, the Asian Games Public Welfare proactively cooperated with Hong Kong (China), United Arab Emirates, Japan and other countries and regions, and took initiative to integrate into the tide of coordinated development of Asian sports, hoping that the young people in Asia can unite together with the help of “Asian Games Football Dream” to understand Hangzhou Asian Games and improve football skills.

SJK(C) CHIN WOO Primary School of Malaysia received the football equipment kits donated by Jinling Sports.

On July 18 this year, the first batch of football training materials arrived at and was handed over to SJK(C) CHIN WOO Primary School of Malaysia. The “Asian Games Football Dream” Public Welfare Project plans to complete the donation of 100 “Asian Games Football Dream” Schools of Malaysia in September.

“Asian Games Football Dream” School Application completed by schools of Dubai

In March this year, the Asian Games Public Welfare sent the invitation to a great number of UAE schools. At present, three schools have officially submitted the “Asian Games Football Dream” School Application. In July this year, Chiu Yang Por Yen Primary School (Hong Kong, China) was officially selected as the first “Asian Games Football Dream” School. In August this year, the Asian Games Public Welfare sent the invitation of joining the “Asian Games Football Dream” Schools to two schools of Japan by letter, hoping to receive a reply soon and jointly contribute to the realization of the Asian Games Dream.

Letters on inviting two schools of Japan to participate in the Asian Games Public Welfare

As of August, 2022, there were about 2,500 schools submitting the Asian School Application of this project, 1,902 schools were selected, and nearly 1,300 schools completed school plaque awarding and equipment donation.

Fuchun Mountains Ship makes maiden voyage


[Photo/Facebook account: Hangzhoufeel]

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains Ship, the first modern tourist ship named after the famous Chinese painting of the same name by Huang Gongwang, has begun a trial run in Fuyang district, Hangzhou. The ship can accommodate 180 passengers at a time, allowing them to enjoy the natural landscapes depicted in the ancient painting.

Animated blockbuster production team holds roadshow in Hangzhou

The production team of the animated blockbuster movie New Gods: Yang Jian meets audiences during their roadshow at a cinema in Hangzhou on Aug 22. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

The production team of the animated blockbuster New Gods: Yang Jian, which is playing to pack audiences at nearly 9,000 cinemas nationwide, visited Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang province, on Aug 22 to do a roadshow.

The film, which is being shown at nearly 9,000 cinemas nationwide, is produced by Light Chaser Animation, directed by Zhao Ji and features the voices of Wang Kai, Li Lanling and Ji Guanlin.

The animated film raked in more than 100 million yuan ($14.49 million) in box office revenue within two days of its premiere on Aug 19.

An audience member asks questions during the roadshow. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

During the roadshow, one fan commented that it was the third time that she had watched this movie, and each time she was amazed at the story lines and visual effects.

The movie features many characters from The Legend of Deification, an ancient Chinese classic.

Light Chaser Animation set up its Hangzhou branch in Xihu district in 2021.

Alibaba Cloud launches world’s largest intelligent computing center

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud service arm of Hangzhou-based tech giant Alibaba, announced the official launch of its Zhangbei Super Intelligent Computing Center in North China’s Hebei province on Aug 30, local media outlets reported.

The center, with a designed artificial intelligence computing power of 12 EFLOPS, or 12 quintillion floating-point operations per second, will surpass Google’s 9 EFLOPS and Tesla’s 1.8 EFLOPS and become the largest intelligent computing center in the world.

It will be able to provide powerful intelligent computing services for AI exploration applications including large-scale AI model training, autonomous driving, and spatial geography.

The center will be powered by the Feitian Intelligent Computing Platform, a full-stack intelligent computing solution announced by Alibaba Cloud the same day that can provide both public and private cloud access, offering powerful intelligent computing services for scientific research, enterprises, and institutions.

Through advanced technical architecture, the platform has achieved 90 percent parallel computing efficiency of 1,000 cores, much higher than the traditional 40 percent, and is able to increase the utilization rate of computing power resources more than three-fold, AI training efficiency 11-fold, and reasoning efficiency six-fold.

Alibaba Cloud also set up an intelligent computing center in Ulanqab, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, with an AI computing capacity of 3 EFLOPS, or 3 quintillion floating-point operations per second.

The two supercomputing centers are expected to achieve breakthroughs in both scale and efficiency. They will serve cutting-edge intelligence applications such as large-scale AI model training, remote sensing, digital avatars, autonomous driving, life sciences, new drug research and development, and the metaverse.

Hangzhou among top 10 Chinese cities in the robotic industry


An engineer fine-tunes an industrial robot in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Jan 16, 2022. [Photo by Long Wei/For China Daily]

The 12th China International Robotics Summit kicked off in Wuhu, Anhui province on Friday, attracting over 600 enterprises, and scientific research institutions.

The summit aims to promote the robotic industry for clustering development and building new ecology.

Based on the robotic listed companies’ number and output value, industrial park’s number, winning number of the Capek Prize, robotic downstream market, supporting policies, and talent training, the summit announced the top 10 cities which have a strong comprehensive strength in robotic industry.

Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang province, ranked seventh on the list.