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  • Flying discs soar in popularity among all ages

    Trending sport goes viral for social aspect, less physical contact, fun competition, aiming for bigger market share When a group of college students started their flying disc business back in 2008 in China, few of them could imagine the then little-known sport would have such a big popularity spurt across the country this summer, or […]

  • The First Hangzhou Community Line Dance Competition completed auditions

    Availing the opportunity of the 19th Asian Games to be staged in Hangzhou, some folk dance troupes in the city organized the line dance competition and formed the dance teams of various types, with members aged 6-70, to cheer for Asian Games, contribute to national fitness and participation, and promote neighborhood harmony and human health. […]

  • Hangzhou touts its progress over a decade

    Photo by Ding Zike, an intern of CCTV Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, has made remarkable progress since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, authorities said at a news conference held on Thursday. Liu Jie, secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, said that the city has successfully held influential activities […]

  • Asian Games Youth Talksuccessfully came to an end

    Recently, under the guidance of Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee, China Mobile Asian Games Youth Talk Finals hosted by Hangzhou TV Station was held in Hangzhou Culture, Radio and Television Group. The finals generated one champion, one runner-up and one second runner-up for the primary school group and middle school group respectively, as well as […]

  • Rhythmic gymnastics in their eyes is more than just a beautiful sport

    On August 26, “Exciting Hangzhou” National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship 2022 decided the champions of the team and individual events of the youth and adult groups. More than 1,000 spectators swarmed into Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium again, enjoying the beauty of rhythmic gymnastics and the charm of the Asian Games Venue. After the competition, Sun Dan, […]

  • Extreme heat decimates mosquito population

    In the past, it was difficult to go out without getting bitten by mosquitoes, especially in southern China, where people were constantly harassed by this blood-sucking insect. Before summer in 2022 comes, many people had mosquito-repellent drugs ready as usual, only to find out that they didn’t come in handy. Why is that? According to […]

  • Wulin Road goes viral and boosts Hangzhou’s night economy

    Wulin Road has gone viral online overnight and become a new trendy destination to boost the night economy of Hangzhou, since it completed renovation and reopened on August 5. As a busy street with unique features, Wulin Road has assembled a great number of original designers and presents a strong artistic atmosphere through unconstrained and […]

  • Hangzhou Education Bureau requires students and teachers to stay in Hangzhou 7 days before the school starts

    The COVID-19 Response Office of Hangzhou Education Bureau has recently issued a notice to ensure the smooth start of the autumn semester. The notice requires all the students and staffs of kindergartens and primary and secondary schools to remain in Hangzhou for 7 days prior to the start of school. Those who are outside Hangzhou […]

  • 2,022 swimmers cross Qiantang River in the recorded hottest summer

    The Cross-Qiantang River Swimming Activity 2022 kicked off at the Maritime Terminal on the south bank of Qiantang River on August 21. At the sound of gunshot, 2,022 swimmers plunged into the water and dashed northward to the City Balcony at Qianjiang New City. In order to create the atmosphere of national fitness in response […]

  • Vegetarian mooncakes grow in popularity as festival nears

    A pack of vegetarian mooncake is pictured at the Faxi Temple in Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang province. [Photo/Hangzhou Daily] Vegetarian mooncakes have started gaining popularity among locals in Hangzhou as the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept 10 this year, approaches. The origins of vegetarian mooncakes can be traced back 1,000 years ago. […]