Hangzhou Education Bureau requires students and teachers to stay in Hangzhou 7 days before the school starts

The COVID-19 Response Office of Hangzhou Education Bureau has recently issued a notice to ensure the smooth start of the autumn semester. The notice requires all the students and staffs of kindergartens and primary and secondary schools to remain in Hangzhou for 7 days prior to the start of school. Those who are outside Hangzhou are required to return in time.

Before returning to school, parents shall be aware of the latest requirements on students’ health reporting and pandemic control as well as the precautions for returning to school, and cooperate with schools in students’ physical condition monitoring and reporting. Schools shall arrange regular nucleic acid tests for the students and shall strictly carry out morning and noon examination system and keep proper records.

As the school is about to start, parents shall pay close attention to the notices and keep updated about the differentiated requirements for different risky areas, while students shall get prepared for the new semester.