2,022 swimmers cross Qiantang River in the recorded hottest summer

The Cross-Qiantang River Swimming Activity 2022 kicked off at the Maritime Terminal on the south bank of Qiantang River on August 21. At the sound of gunshot, 2,022 swimmers plunged into the water and dashed northward to the City Balcony at Qianjiang New City.

In order to create the atmosphere of national fitness in response to the theme of Hangzhou Asian Games, the total number of swimmers set for the activity is 2,022, including 1,922 amateur swimmers and 100 professional swimmers.

As a famous national fitness event with distinguished Hangzhou features and characteristics, Cross-Qiantang River Swimming bears Hangzhou People’s expectation for the Asian Games. The quota of applicants was soon snapped up at the start of the sign-up. All the swimmers, many of whom were experienced and have swam across Qiantang River for several times, tried their best in the race. While enjoying the sports, the swimmers were looking forward to cheering for the Asian Games to be held in their own city.