HangYang, the world-class supplier of air separation unit and cryogenic petrochemical equipment in China

Hangzhou Oxygen Plant Group Co., ltd. (HangYang), established in 1950, supplies the world-class Air Separation Unit(ASU) and cryogenic petrochemical equipment,. HangYang is the pioneer and the leader of Chinese cryogenic industry.

HangYang has the design and manufacturing qualifications of international standards, such as ASME (American Standard), EN (European Standard), DIN (Germany), KGS (Korea Standard), DOSH (Malaysia), TRCU (Russia), etc., and obtains the ISO9001 certification of quality system and other series of international qualifications.

Besides, HangYang owns the most capable manufacturing base of ASU in the world, which has an annual production capacity of 1.8 million cubic meters. The largest single set of ASU is up to 150,000 cubic meters per hour.

Hangyang is the manufacturer of the first ASU in China. The output of large-scale and super large-scale ASU ranks the first in the world. Regarding as” The Pillars of a great power” by National Government, HangYang’s products have been exported to six continents, over 40 countries and regions including High-end market of Europe and America: like Germany Salzgitler Steel Company 32,000 ASU, Spain 16,000 ASU, Switzerland 12,000 ASU and Mexico AHMSA company 47,500 ASU, totally more than 30 sets, as for the projects along the “Belt and Road initiative”, like South Korea Daesung ASU for electron gas, Turkey 10,000 ASU and Malaysia 3sets of 20,000 ASU, totally over 40 sets.

Competing with international rivals like Linde, Air Liquide and AirProduct on Chinese market, HangYang enjoys a dominating market share of 60% on large-scale ASU. For Shenhua Ningmei 100,000 ASU project, HangYang and Linde “compete on the same stage”, and the two series run as equivalent, which attest that the technology of Hangyang has reached the world’s top level.

On the other hand, HangYang’s cryogenic petrochemical products such as ethylene cold box have a leading advantage in the domestic market, and the successful operation in the project of “R&D and industrial application of complete sets of ethylene with complex raw materials” is another milestone for Hangyang’s independent research and development of petrochemical process packages.

In the project of the world’s largest green petrochemical refining and chemical integration base in Zhoushan Archipelago, Zhejiang, 4 sets of 100,000-level cold box ASU(single set weight up to 1300T) developed by Hangyang have been successfully operated. The whole packaged is intricacy and complex, and the requirements for stress calculation and simulation are extremely accurate. HangYang adopts the most advanced design scheme, and at the same time, through the comprehensive extension of design, technology, manufacturing, transportation, quality control and safety management, HangYang strictly implement high-quality projects, which not only ensures the smooth operation of the equipment, but also opens up new path for large-scale ASU manufacturing projects.

Based on the design idea of modular assembly, most of the international projects reduces the period of onsite construction. It could only take 12 months from Contract to Production

HangYang establishes a hydrogen industry development center to exploit the technologies of hydrogen production, storage, liquefaction and other related technologies and units. By scoping out green energy technologies, HangYang is committed to create a low-carbon sustainable society and grow appreciatively together with our customers.