Wulin Road goes viral and boosts Hangzhou’s night economy

Wulin Road has gone viral online overnight and become a new trendy destination to boost the night economy of Hangzhou, since it completed renovation and reopened on August 5.

As a busy street with unique features, Wulin Road has assembled a great number of original designers and presents a strong artistic atmosphere through unconstrained and imaginative decorations and displays. The road is featured by the fresh and distinctive snacks and ornaments and the night fair rife with singers and dancers and permeated with flavor of worldly life. Based on the renovation of the shops and lights, due to the regular transition of Jiaochang Road-Hai’er Lane Section from a driving road to a pedestrian street during designated hours, the consumption center is especially busy at nights, weekends and holidays.

Night economy has become a new focus of urban competition as well as a barometer of economic vitality. As people pursue the healthy and green consumption in the post-pandemic era, “Business Street + Shopping Center” model has become a new trend. Wulin Road has been highly recognized for its diversified, life-oriented and scenario-based shopping model.