Immediate retail becomes new fashion at the Mid-autumn Festival

The data of a take-out service platform show that Hangzhou citizens’ attention for moon cakes soars as the Mid-autumn Festival is approaching, with search volume for “moon cake” increased by a factor of 18 and orders for moon cakes more than tripled compared to the same time last year.

The details of the orders show that Hangzhou citizens prefer three traditional stuffing, namely salty egg yolk, sweet bean paste and five nuts. Time-honored brands are also favored by merchants. With regard to the package, gift box and simple package are equally popular.

This year’s online consumption is much higher than that of previous years, mainly due to two reasons: 1) Consumers may enjoy discount by purchasing online; 2) Take-out service platforms provide faster and better services. According to many young consumers, online purchasing is faster and more convenient than the traditional online channels. Consumers can not only enjoy fresher moon cakes, but can also place orders to the taste preference of family members and friends.

Immediate retail has been different from traditional commodity sales mode and can meet young consumers’ demand for faster delivery of the commodities.