Classy Hangzhouxi Station

The second “delegation of observers”, composed of provincial, municipal and district party representatives and enterprise representatives, was shown around Hangzhouxi Railway Station Hub yesterday. Many of them were amazed at the tremendous change from a mere construction site to the magnificent building replete with modern technologies in a spacing of only three years.

According to the sources, Hangzhouxi Railway Station plans to set up a special area at the 6m mezzanine of the station building for the display of cultural relics excavated during its construction. “This is what makes Hangzhouxi Railway Station become a unique hub that meets citizens’ demands for transportation and displays cultural relics which connect the past of the station with the future,” said the observers.

After careful inspection, observers also proposed suggestions for improvement in many details. After simulating a wheelchair user by lowering down her body, Xu Qin, a member of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, suggested that the height of the mirrors of the accessible toilets need to be adjusted. Wu Haiwei, the director of the Comprehensive Transportation Research Department of Hangzhou Comprehensive Transport Research Center, proposed that the most convenient parking spaces shall be reserved for online ride-hailing cabs due to its great popularity to ensure rapid diversion of the passengers. Wu Zheng, the director of Zhejiang Branch of the Design Institute of China Railway Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., indicated that all the route signs related to Hangzhouxi Railway Station should be well connected so that passengers who were unfamiliar with this station could fully understand the purpose of the transport facilities (such as the escalator).

The suggestions of the delegation of observers were recorded and will be referred to for the further improvement of Hangzhouxi Railway Station In addition, to ensure a convenient, accurate and fast access to the waiting area and train boarding for passengers, Hangzhouxi Railway Station is preparing a digital “Instruction for Use” to give answers to such questions as how to go there, where to wait and where to grab a meal.