Youth football dreams travel across the oceans

This year, the “Asian Games Football Dream” Public Welfare Project has obtained new breakthroughs on the road of overseas expansion. Following the first landing in Malaysia, the Asian Games Public Welfare proactively cooperated with Hong Kong (China), United Arab Emirates, Japan and other countries and regions, and took initiative to integrate into the tide of coordinated development of Asian sports, hoping that the young people in Asia can unite together with the help of “Asian Games Football Dream” to understand Hangzhou Asian Games and improve football skills.

SJK(C) CHIN WOO Primary School of Malaysia received the football equipment kits donated by Jinling Sports.

On July 18 this year, the first batch of football training materials arrived at and was handed over to SJK(C) CHIN WOO Primary School of Malaysia. The “Asian Games Football Dream” Public Welfare Project plans to complete the donation of 100 “Asian Games Football Dream” Schools of Malaysia in September.

“Asian Games Football Dream” School Application completed by schools of Dubai

In March this year, the Asian Games Public Welfare sent the invitation to a great number of UAE schools. At present, three schools have officially submitted the “Asian Games Football Dream” School Application. In July this year, Chiu Yang Por Yen Primary School (Hong Kong, China) was officially selected as the first “Asian Games Football Dream” School. In August this year, the Asian Games Public Welfare sent the invitation of joining the “Asian Games Football Dream” Schools to two schools of Japan by letter, hoping to receive a reply soon and jointly contribute to the realization of the Asian Games Dream.

Letters on inviting two schools of Japan to participate in the Asian Games Public Welfare

As of August, 2022, there were about 2,500 schools submitting the Asian School Application of this project, 1,902 schools were selected, and nearly 1,300 schools completed school plaque awarding and equipment donation.