Another elevated road witnesses Hangzhou speed

Qiaodai Line-Dailin Road Section Elevated Road of the south extension (Hangzhou Beltway-Middle Ring Road Section) project of Shidai Avenue in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou was put into test run on September 5. With a length of the main line of 5.75 km, the elevated road section, upon opening to traffic, can not only effectively relieve the traffic jam of the ground-level freight channel, but also greatly facilitate the transportation of the surrounding residents. The driving time from Daicun to downtown Hangzhou has been reduced by half an hour from over one hour formerly.

“93% of the main work of the south extension project of Shidai Avenue has been completed. We will proceed with the construction of the remaining project, keep to the timetable and strive to open the whole road by the end of September”, according to the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Municipal Construction Committee.

With continuous increase of the total length of fast roads, Hangzhou has improved transportation efficiency and accelerated the process of building an international metropolis.