Hard nut of Hangzhou-Quzhou Railway cracked

Yantangshan Tunnel, the longest tunnel of Hangzhou-Quzhou Railway, has recently been cut through, indicating a major breakthrough of the project and making a solid foundation for the construction of electing beams and ballastless track in the next stage.

Located in the region of Jiande (Hangzhou), Yantangshan Tunnel is one of the key and difficult projects of Hangzhou-Quzhou Railway. With a total length of 2,586.7 m, the tunnel runs through low mountainous region with complicated landform, making it difficult and risky for the construction. Tight schedule and tough local coordination also contributed to the difficulty of the construction. The strict information-based control and the application of multiple precise technologies ensured the smooth progress of the tunnel construction.

After the completion of the project, there will be multiple-point & multiple-channel connection between Quzhou and Hangzhou. The railway will relieve the traffic pressure of Shanghai-Kunming Railway, shore up the development of Hangzhouxi Railway Station Hub and boost urban integration of Hangzhou and Quzhou. Also, it is of great significance to the high-quality development and construction of the common prosperity demonstration area in West Zhejiang.