Hangzhou achievement exhibition grabs worldwide attention

With the theme of “revitalizing the industry based on the city and sharing integrated development”, the Fifth Hangzhou International Day opened along Qiantang River on the morning of September 5. High-level achievements as a result of the opening-up policies displayed on the exhibition attracted high-quality resources and elements from around the world, making a strong impetus for Hangzhou to build a world-class modern international socialist metropolis.

Liu Xin, the mayor of Hangzhou, addressed the opening ceremony. The mayor of Boston in the United States, mayor of Dresden in Germany and other representatives from various countries, extended their congratulations via online videos. Korean Consul General delivered a speech on the site. Then, Hangzhou signed an online memorandum of understanding for friendly exchanges with Cartagena (Colombia) and Krefeld (Germany) respectively.

Hangzhou has been dedicated to building the Capital of International Cultural Exchanges based on the concept of “nurturing the city with culture”, has aggregated the resources for the development of digital economy through reform and innovation, and has promoted the establishment of market-oriented, law-based and international-standard business operation environment through market integration, said Liu Xin. Availing the opportunity of Asian Games, Hangzhou sincerely invites friends from all over the world to come to the city for exchanges and cooperations.

In addition, the theme exhibition comprehensively displayed the achievements of the high-quality integrated development of Hangzhou West Science and Innovation Corridor. The participated representatives also visited Xixi Park of Alibaba and other high-tech parks to experience Hangzhou’s vitality in innovation on the site.