Hangzhou International Day: Annual event calls for global cooperation in innovation

Celebrations for the fifth Hangzhou International Day kicked off on Monday, September Fifth. Hangzhou International Day was started in April 2018 to mark the anniversary of the closing of a G20 meeting held in Hangzhou. It has since become an annual event. This year’s theme exhibition opened on Monday. The exhibition introduces the Hangzhou Chengxi Sci-Tech Innovation Corridor and five scientific labs based in the city. Based in Shanghai, the Consul-Generals of Iran, South Korea, Ireland, Austria and other countries attended the ceremony.

WENDY DORMAN-SMITH Consul General of Ireland in Shanghai “I think there is a lot of potential cooperation between Ireland and Hangzhou. A lot of things the mayor and the vice mayor have been speaking about the day, the history, the culture, the nature as well as the businesses, the innovation, the environmental of the bio-tech, tech of all the different kinds are also things that Ireland focuses on. We are also famous for our history, culture and businesses as well. So I think there is a lot of potential for cooperation.”

HELMUT RAKOWITSCH Consul General of Austria in Shanghai “You know Hangzhou is a very leading city, an area when it comes to the green, mobility, green environmental, e-commerce. There is a lot of experience Austria can offer. Especially, you know, in green environmental, there is a lot left to work together. And you know, there is still space left for building up a sister city, finding a very nice city in Austria and do the sister city thing with Hangzhou.”