Enjoy this movie-level event in Hangzhou

In recent days, “Exciting Hangzhou” ICBC Cup National Gymnastics Championships 2022 has been in full swing, bringing the strength & beauty sports competition to spectators. The splendid sports show in Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium created one climax after another for the on-site atmosphere.

The light show in the warm-up link lit up the arena. When the newly-added spectator interaction link appeared in the large funnel-shaped screen, everyone proactively stood up to carry out interaction.

This large funnel-shaped screen is designed by referring to the most beautiful standard venue of NBA, adopting the integrated rectangular & oval funnel-shaped design, with no gaps or blind angles in 360 degrees, which can meet the traditional split screen function, achieve the full-screen playing, create better competition atmosphere, and improve the appreciation and entertainment of the event.

One hundred sets of combined light balls around the funnel-shaped screen are kinetic energy balls, which can fluctuate and change colors with the music. This kind of kinetic energy balls can only be found in the Olympics and individual world champions, described as high-end design.

In addition, the awarding link also specially set up the athletes’ exclusive appearance pictures to show the elegant demeanor of champions and render the sense of ceremony of the game.

The sports display team hopes that, the scene is full of atmosphere through a series of details, and the competition information is conveyed to spectators from different perspectives and in various ways, to create the passionate atmosphere and integrate the competitive gymnastics into the spectators in the form of the stage. This movie-level viewing experience makes the competition popular and attracts more people to understand and participate in gymnastics.