Hangzhou will implement the new basic public service standard next month

Hangzhou Basic Public Service Standard (2022) (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Standard) has been issued recently and is expected to be implemented from September 1, 2022. It is the first time that Hangzhou defines the contents and scopes of basic public services of the city in form of standards.

Hangzhou Standard sets out the standard for subsistence allowance for people in difficulty and proposes the specific service contents and standards in respects of social assistance, assistance to people with disabilities, welfare for the elderly and children, and funerals for residents.

In term of social assistance service, subsidies will be offered to people with minimum living allowance, destitute individuals and people entitled to temporary aid. In term of the disabled assistance services, a subsidy of 30% of local standard for the subsistence allowance will be provided for impaired citizens in difficulty. In addition, a nursing subsidy or a subsistence allowance will be given to the severely disabled based on the levels of disability.

Besides, various types of aids and protections will be provided for children in need. Qualified seniors may enjoy a series of home-based elderly care services as well as medical treatment and health care integrated services. Senior citizens of 80 years old are entitled to old-age allowance. Moreover, basic funeral services, including remains transportation and cremation services, are provided free of charge after death of urban and rural residents. A subsidy will be provided for ecological burial at the cemetery, and a reward of 2,000 yuan will be granted to those who do not retain their ashes.