Asian Games rolls out themed aircraft fleet

Two planes featuring patterns related to the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, which is to be held in fall 2023, made their debut on Monday in Hangzhou, local media outlets reported.

The aircraft, part of the last group of the Hangzhou Asian Games fleet, were converted from Airbus A321-Neos, which feature a slimmer body, more efficient energy usage and a more comfortable ride experience.

Loong Airlines, a Hangzhou-based airline company and owner of the painted planes, celebrated the debut by projecting colorful lights onto the plane to promote various cultural elements related to the company, the Asian Games and the host city Hangzhou.

The planes will join the fleet of the previous 10 painted planes, which also feature patterns inspired by the Asian Games mascots and slogans, to offer more immersive Asian Games-themed rides starting from Hangzhou.

“I hope the painted planes will become a symbol of the Asian Games and the host city of Hangzhou,” said Xin Di, president of Loong Airlines.