Hangzhou was selected as the national pilot city in building the strong intellectual property city

Hangzhou was successfully selected as one of the demonstrative cities in Notice of China National Intellectual Property Administration on Determining National Pilot Cities in Building the Strong Intellectual Property City issued on August 11.

In recent years, Hangzhou has connected up all the links of the whole chain from the creation, utilization, protection and management to the service of intellectual properties to ensure the high-quality development of intellectual properties. In the Global Innovation Index City Ranking 2021 released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Hangzhou ranks the 21st, moving up 4 places on the ranking year-on-year. As of the end of 2021, the city topped all provincial capitals in China with 106,000 valid invention patents and 2,062 PCT international applications. Next, Hangzhou will gradually boostthe projects for efficient utilization ofintellectual properties and promote the coordinated use of industrial intellectual properties.