Lin’an Agriculture Innovation Park opens

The Lin’an Agriculture Innovation Park in Lin’an district, Hangzhou opened on Aug 8.

The park was built by the district government and Zhejiang A&F University to promote rural vitalization. Twenty-nine companies have opened offices in its 3,000-square-meter incubation space.

“Most agriculture companies are operated in remote villages and can hardly enjoy innovation resources in the downtown area,” said a director of the park. “Our park is a platform for them to work together.”

During the opening ceremony, Zhejiang A&F University set up a technology transfer center at the park and pledged to help local companies improve their research and development capabilities.

The park has also engaged professional livestreaming hosts to help local companies improve their sales.

“Talent is key to rural vitalization and we welcome more agriculture talents to start businesses here,” said Li Lianping, deputy Party secretary of Lin’an district.