Hangzhou Business Environment Promotion Conference was held

The business environment is an important factor to reflect the soft power of economic development and the overall competitiveness of a region. On August 16, Hangzhou Business Environment Promotion Conference was held with a purpose to build the world’s most vigorous city that is suitable for both business and living by relying on the national pilot program of business environment innovation.

Improving business environment helps Hangzhou continuously attract talents, capitals and enterprises. Hangzhou has lowered the transaction cost and the threshold for enterprise access experience system, and has enabled enterprises to apply online only by pressing the button.

At the conference, Liu Jie, the secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, underlined the construction of the best environment in six respects in Hangzhou: transferring to palmtop services at the fastest speed; reassuring enterprise operation through legal management system; further advancing the protection and innovation of the intellectual properties; multi-level and classified supervision and guarantee of the value of credit; improving digital economy system and governance to the benefit of the enterprises; paying attention to talent recognition and management to attract more outstanding competent personnel.