Hangzhou International Craft Week 2022 was launched with paper artworks and thousand-year Song culture

Hangzhou International Craft Week 2022 was officially launched in Hangzhou Creative Design Center on the morning of August 18. With paper, one of the four great inventions of ancient China, as the material of the objects, the five-day exhibition has an assembly of elaborate domestic and overseas paper artworks to carry forward Chinese paper art.

Inspired by A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains, the exhibition displays “Song culture” and “Asian Games Culture” with paperwork, and creates a paper world featured by verdant mountains and lucid water through the four theme areas and eight experience activities.

As a contribution to carbon neutrality and carbon peaking, above 90% of the materials used for in-situ architecture are 100% recyclable fireproof paper materials. The four theme areas display the selected domestic and overseas paper artworks, including Hangzhou Yuhang Paper Umbrella, Italian Stationery Rossi, Japanese Creative Paper Toy Paper Zoo, and large-scale origami works, such as “white rhino” and “girlish southern lion”. Also, visitors can experience all kinds of paper arts and interact with the artists on site.