Hangzhou pilots intelligent bus full-scenario application at Dinglan

Dinglan Sub-district has recently piloted the demonstrative intelligent bus full-scenario application and will further facilitate citizens by building multi-line network and innovating smart vehicle scheduling, according to Hangzhou Public Transport Group.

The proposal of building multi-line network was made because commuting traffic in Dinglan Sub-district has obviously shown tidal phenomenon with high road pressure during rush hours. Rapid Transit Bus No. 7100, which specially commutes between Dingqiao Stop and Qianjiang New City Stop, will be launched in September. In addition, bus reservation services will be available to meet citizens’ demands for precise commute.

Smart scheduling system has initiatively launched six punctual bus lines. The practice of stopping bus only upon prompt by passengers was popularized and “staggered departure time” was adopted to make citizens experience punctual bus services based on big data analysis of bus lines. In addition, some residential quarters in Dinglan Sub-district have rolled out exclusive Bus Navigation Guides. Commuters may make real-time inquiry of bus arrival by scanning the QR code.