Hangzhou Botanical Garden presents lycoris and lotus exhibition

As the heat abates, Hangzhou Botanical Garden has recently presented the exhibition of well-chosen lycoris and lotus that are pleasing to the eyes and soothing to the minds of the citizens.

Two plants of the exhibited lycoris, which ever won the gold award in Beijing International Horticultural Expo 2019, are cultivated by Hangzhou Botanical Garden. As lycoris is a dominant species in the garden, there are diversified boutique platforms for the exhibition of lycoris, including over 100 well-chosen lycoris pots and naturally planted lycoris zones, for citizens to appreciate.

In addition, the technical team of the Botanic Garden used highly efficient planting technology to prolong the flowering period of lotus that is expected to end at the beginning of September. After technical tweaking, the lotus species named “Pink Campsis” is now in full bloom.