The Public Athletics Fitness Qualification Series of Chinese Athletics Association (Hangzhou Stop) kicked off in “Big Lotus”

On August 27, the Public Athletics Fitness Qualification Series of Chinese Athletics Association kicked off in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium (“Big Lotus”), and about 200 athletes participated in the competition.

This event was 2022 “National Fitness Day” Theme Activity & “Greeting Asian Games” Myriametre Elite Race Hangzhou. At the enrollment stage, the participating quota was full in just a few hours.

Zhong Hangwei, the director of the Judge Committee of Zhejiang Athletics Association, said that this activity of Hangzhou Stop was launched in “Big Lotus”, with the Asian Games Brand as the guide, to promote the social influence and radiation of athletics events, boost the integration of athletics into the people’s life, and effectively consolidate the foundation for the development of national fitness in the province. Moreover, this event was also the vivid practice of the opening of the Asian Games Venues to benefit the people.

The top three male and female athletes in the competition results were as follows. In the men’s group, Yang Xiaojun, Wang Kuiliang, and Xu Qian respectively ranked the first, second and third; in the women’s group, Zhang Lan, Zhu Sufang and Jiang Fangzhi respectively took the first, second and third places. They attended the on-site award ceremony and obtained the customized medals and prizes.

After the competition results pass the review, all the qualified participants can log in to the Official Website of “Zhejiang Athletics Association” to inquire about the results and download the electronic version of Athlete Certificate for Public Athletics Fitness Qualification certified by Chinese Athletics Association. In addition, there is a lottery draw with lucrative prizes after the completion of the event.

Taking the “National Fitness Day”as an opportunity, this competition aims to promote the national sports, improves the people’s health conditions, builds the multi-level and diversified public athletics event system, and guides & boosts the masses to proactively participate in athletics.