Zhejiang accelerates construction of affordable rental housing


The reporter recently learned from the Provincial Construction Department that in the first half of the year, our province has raised 319,000 sets (rooms) of affordable rental housing, and completed the annual target of 300,000 sets (rooms) ahead of schedule.

Among the 319,000 sets (rooms) of affordable rental housing, there are about 146,000 sets (rooms) of newly-built projects and about 173,000 sets (rooms) of conversion and renovation projects. According to reports, there are three main channels for affordable rental housing: new construction, reconstruction and transformation. The state encourages and supports local use of existing land for new construction, renovation of existing housing, and conversion of market housing.

From a regional perspective, Hangzhou has the largest amount of construction, about 62,000 units (rooms), Ningbo and Jinhua have raised more than 50,000 units (rooms), and Wenzhou and Jiaxing exceed 40,000 units (rooms). It is worth noting that the housing construction in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua and Zhoushan has exceeded the annual plan.

In June last year, the State Council proposed to accelerate the development of affordable rental housing. With the concept of “Everyone has a place to live in”, Zhejiang takes the construction of affordable rental housing as a key part of people’s wellbeing, aiming to gradually solve the housing problem of groups with difficulties, and offering great support for affordable rental housing construction. “We must make good use of the land policy, and plan give priority to the land use for affordable rental housing,” the head of the Housing Security Department of the Provincial Construction Department said. In 2022, the province plans to supply 3,768 mu of land for affordable rental housing. At present, the province’s affordable rental housing projects have obtained a total of 53 financing credits and 15.3 billion yuan in loan credits.

The early completion of annual tasks does not imply that construction will slow down. The goal of our province is to provide 1.2 million sets (rooms) of affordable rental housing during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, which means that the construction will continue to accelerate in the future.