Hairy crab price will be lowered by 10% as the fishing season starts

With stow net fishing vessels fully prepared to set off for fishing at 12:00 am on August 16th, fresh large yellow croakers, hairy crabs and other seafood will soon be available on the market.

Before the fishing vessels go out to the sea, many restaurants in Hangzhou have already booked seafood in advance and will wait for the goods at the wharves. Dadong, a live streamer at Xiangshan Fishing Port, has received over 70,000 orders for large yellow croakers by hawking before the camera.

The price of the hairy crabs supplied by Wang’s Group will be lowered slightly by 10% this year, as the weight and size of the hairy crabs which are the most favorite by the public, are generally reduced due to high temperature. Wang’s Group offered a lower price for the hairy crabs due to the reduction of cost as a result of improved logistics and its social responsibilities as a sponsor of Hangzhou Asian Games to offer discounts of seafood to Hangzhou citizens.