Hangzhou takes substantial measures to protect museum treasures

The museum is the place for cultural collections. As a city of museums, Hangzhou owns 36,000 pcs/sets of state-owned movable cultural relics. The core work of the museums is to safely display the cultural relics to the public in a sound and intact condition.

Hangzhou System for Management of Museum Collections, which was drafted by Hangzhou Garden & Cultural Relics Bureau (HGCRB) at the end of 2021 and was officially implemented on July 1 this year, sets out unified standards for the protection and management of movable cultural relics in Hangzhou.

Also, HGCRB develops “Intelligent Garden & Cultural Relics” management system to offer the digital management of the collections of state-owned museums across the city by offering electronic vouchers and leaving real-time marks. In addition, HGCRB has guided the digital reform of Linping District Museum so as to realize the digital management of the movable cultural relics by using cultural relic fingerprints to effectively present their trajectory.

The improved museum management system facilitates the protection and publicity of the collections.