Who is to blame for normalized high temperature?

This year, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai had little rain in the rainy season due to the shift of plum rain zone as a result of abnormal subtropical high, which was to blame for continuous high temperature and abnormal typhoon activities. On August 12, the National Meteorological Center of CMA issued the first state-level red alert for high temperature of up to 40℃ and over. High temperature may become a normal phenomenon in the future due to global warming and great impact of greenhouse gases.

Many regions provide higher subsidies for outdoor workers who are subjected to higher risk in high temperature. Hangzhou and other cities have also launched artificial rainfall for several times. However, appropriate clouds are necessary to make rain; that is to say, it needs certain weather conditions to make rain in high temperature even if the cost is not a question. Therefore, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of high temperature, we need to protect the environment to effectively curb the trend of global warming.