Wang Hao chairs provincial government executive meeting to schedule weekly economic operations

On the afternoon of the 11th, Governor Wang Hao presided over the 106th executive meeting of the provincial government to schedule weekly economic operations of our province, and review “Guiding Opinions on High-Quality Development of Global Advanced Manufacturing Base”.

The meeting pointed out that the province’s economy is currently under pressure from various aspects, and with the impact of the “August 2nd” epidemic in Yiwu, we are in a critical period of stabilizing economic progress. Relevant departments in various places must resolutely implement the important instructions on “preventing the epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and developing safely”, and based on the requirements of “a major economic province”, do a good job in various tasks, and make every effort to promote economic recovery and stable development. We must intensify our efforts to tackle tough problems in the industry, find the crux of the problems, implement a more precise and refined plan for each city and each county, and strengthen guidance for key industries and key cities and counties, so as to promote the recovery of the industry vigorously. We must stabilize land prices, housing prices, and expectations, and promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. We must take multiple measures to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment, and continue to activate domestic demand and expand external demand. We must further ensure energy supply and price stability, do everything possible to meet the electricity demand of residents, agriculture, key industries, and key enterprises, accelerate the construction of major projects such as power supply, power grid, and energy storage, and speed up the formation of an energy mechanism that combines long-term and short-term schedules. We must make take full advantage of the special debt policies and the policy-based financial tools, promptly plan a number of “big high-quality” projects, and further improve effective investment, investment structure and investment efficiency, so as to enhance the stamina of high-quality development.

The meeting pointed out that manufacturing is an important foundation for Zhejiang’s high-quality development of a demonstration zone for common prosperity. On the basis of the “Guiding Opinions on High-Quality Development of Global Advanced Manufacturing Bases”, we must further refine the research on one-to-one policies and form more precise and practicable work measures. We must strengthen policy supply, further increase support for the development of the manufacturing industry, and solidly promote the construction of global advanced manufacturing bases.

The meeting also studied other matters.