Office buildings and malls switch to “power saving mode” in Hangzhou

In view of straight summer heat recently, office buildings and shopping malls in Qianjiang New City have successively taken various measures to reduce energy consumption, saving electric power of 4,000 kWh per day.

Hangzhou Power Supply Corporation switches air conditioners to frequency conversion mode and turns up the AC temperature by 11℃ to save energy, power and cost. Ping’an Financial Center adopts “power saving mode” and shuts down half of the air conditioners, with AC energy consumption reduced by 60%. In addition to the reduction of energy consumption, shopping malls and other public places are subject to physical cooling by spraying water on curtain walls. Besides, radar sensing energy efficient lights are introduced to save energy, while power saving mode is adopted in many office buildings and shopping malls in Hangzhou. Moreover, SGCC Hangzhou Power Supply Corporation provides scientific guidance on power utilization by means of SMS and door-to-door services to ensure efficient and orderly energy conservation.