Townscape and layout sketches show the beauty of Hangzhou

The draft of Overall Urban Design of Hangzhou (Supplemented and Improved) released on August 15 shows the townscape and layout of Hangzhou featured by “five lakes, four waterways, one surging river, two green mountains partly stretching into the city, three converged axes in Qiantang, and ten scenic spots across the city”, and enables you to appreciate the beauty of Hangzhou visually through images.

The design shows the landscape of the city featured by five lakes (West Lake, Xianghu Lake, Nanhu Lake, Qingshan Lake and Yangbei Lake) with green mountains.

Three major townscape centers, namely the Traditional Townscape Center, the Modern Townscape Center and the Sci-tech Townscape Center, feature prosperous urban life and sci-tech innovation. The Traditional Townscape Center refers to the old urban area of Hangzhou characterized by Elegant Qiantang and Amazing Song Culture. The Modern Townscape Center that covers Qianjiang New City and Qianjiang Century City shows the prosperous business of the city. Hangzhou West Science and Innovation Corridor, as the Sci-tech Townscape Center, redoubles efforts to build a smart city based on the spirit of innovation.