The Asian Games speech at the parents meeting was impassioned

On the evening of August 13, at the Parents Meeting for New Students of Hangzhou Middle School, Vigorous Asian Games Day & Advancing Zhejiang Tide specially created and performed by Student Wang Yuran for Hangzhou Asian Games was impassioned, and the lecture hall burst into thunderous applause.


Wang Yuran spent a lot of efforts to better “talk about the Asian Games”. After about two weeks of study, she was familiar with the Asian Games. During the process, she learned about the efforts made by Hangzhou in greeting and preparing for the Asian Games and felt the atmosphere of national fitness. This made her look forward to becoming a volunteer for the Asian Games next year, participating in and contributing to the Asian Games.


In order to greet the Asian Games, Hangzhou Middle School organized and attended a series of activities related to the Asian Games. The students of Hangzhou Middle School used the language to tell the Asian Games at the International Bilingual Speech, showed the Asian Games with their elegant demeanor at the Etiquette Contest for the Asian Games, ignited the Asian Games with sports in the school basketball team and other sports teams, and experienced the Asian Games in various inquiry-based learning activities for the Asian Games. The children used their youth to write the stories about themselves and the Asian Games, making the Asian Games enter the campus wonderfully.



Enthusiastic youth power and vigorous youth vitality