Zhejiang announces 23 5A-level marriage registration agencies

The marriage registration agency is the starting point for the newlyweds to start their married life. How is the service of the marriage registration agencies in our province? Recently, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs announced the results of the evaluation on the province’s marriage registration agencies. All of the province’s 101 agencies meet the standards of 3A levels. Among them, 23 units, including the Civil Affairs Bureau of Gongshu District, Hangzhou, are 5A-level marriage registration agencies.

“Building a high-quality marriage registration agency will help to advocate new marriage customs.” According to an official of the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, in recent years, our province has vigorously promoted the standardization of marriage registration agencies, and created a number of agencies with updated facilities, beautiful environments and more thoughtful services. For example, the Marriage Registration Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Gongshu District is based on the style of “canal wedding custom culture” integrated with water and bridge elements; the Marriage Registration Office of Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhenhai District, Ningbo, is located in Ningbo Botanical Garden. A “garden-style” marriage registration agency, it has 4 marriage registration rooms and an outdoor marriage registration base; The Marriage Registration Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Sanmen County created the “County Mayor’s Certification Day” in the province. Newlyweds can make an appointment online for the county leaders to issue certificates for them.

Marriage registration agencies in our province can also provide free online and offline marriage counseling services, marriage registration services for all residents within the province, and the “joint service for marriage and childbirth household registration”, so as to create a considerate romantic window of “happiness” for newlyweds.