Hangzhou adds nine foreign exchange and cultural experience points

Hangzhou has recently added nine second-group foreign exchange and cultural experiences points, namely, Tangqi Ancient Town, Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre, Qingshan Village, Hemu Community, China Digital Music Base, Fuwen Township Central Primary School, Artinno Town and Lin’an Museum, bringing the total number to 21.

Through strict online and offline selection, nine additional foreign exchange and cultural experience points were chosen to facilitate overseas and domestic friends to perceive and fit into life in Hangzhou in respects of software and hardware conditions, level of internalization and sense of experience. The new experience points, including Xixi Wetland Park that involves diverse cultures, Tangqi Ancient Town that introduces Chinese silk to the world, and Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Venue Cluster that combines Qiantang River, lotus and other Hangzhou specific elements with the design concept, have vividly narrated the story of Hangzhou, showcased the charm of the city and enhanced Hangzhou’s international influence.