Zhejiang “Cloud University for the Seniors” was officially put online

At Zhejiang Province Seniors’ Education Promotion Conference held in Shaoxing on August 16, the application scenario of the digital reform of “Zhejiang Cloud University for the Seniors” was officially put online with support of demonstration. This was the first multi-disciplinary collaborative application scenario for the seniors’ education in China.

The digital application project has established a “1+2+5+N” application scenario architecture to make all-round display of the achievements of reform in seniors’ education in “Zheli Healthcare” and realize one-stop integrated on-screen education for the seniors. Senior citizens can not only study via big screen of TV at home, but can also study and interact via mobile terminal of “Zhejiang Government Affairs” App anywhere at anytime.

The App has launched a variety of functions, including course learning, entertainment activities and interactive classrooms, and supports live streaming to make it convenient for users to learn. In addition, the App offers local characteristic courses, such as Shaoxing Opera and Jinhua Opera. The Cloud University for the Seniors enables seniors to receive education and helps to create the gold brand of “Zheli Healthcare”.