Hangzhou improves the maternity insurance policy in all respects

Yesterday morning, Hangzhou Medical Security Bureau made an introduction of the maternity insurance policy that has been improved in all respects and has been implemented since July 1.

Firstly, flexible employment personnel are included in the coverage of Hangzhou Maternity Insurance for the first time. Flexible employment personnel who have meet the conditions for applying maternity allowance will receive an allowance calculated based on the following formula: Hangzhou’s monthly payment base for flexible employment personnel in the year prior to the birth of the child ÷ 30 x the number of days of statutory maternity leave enjoyed by the female employee who have given the birth.

Secondly, the waiting time for enjoying maternity insurance benefits is cut short. The policy clarifies that the starting time for enjoying the maternity insurance benefits is the same as that for enjoying the employee medical insurance.

Thirdly, three additional diagnosis and treatment items, namely, labor analgesia, ultrasound screening of fetal structure in early pregnancy and systematic CDU of fetus, are within the coverage of Hangzhou Medical Insurance.

Fourthly, the medical expenses of the insured female employees giving birth to a third child are within the coverage of maternity insurance, and the maternity medical expenses and maternity allowances shall be paid in lump sum and in time according to regulations.

Fifthly, the time for applying for the maternity allowance has been optimized. According to the policy, the time for applying the maternity allowance (including family planning allowance) is from the date of the birth of the child to the end of the following year. The allowance will be paid in lump sum or be paid in advance, with the balance to be paid later (or to be refunded in case of over-payment).