Hangzhou leads Zhejiang in tetravalent influenza vaccine inoculation for children

Children aged 6-35 months who only had access to trivalent split influenza vaccine in previous years now have a new choice as the first tetravalent influenza vaccine is launched on the market this year. The later provides more extensive protection than the former as it prevents against an additional influenza virus subtype (Type B). The inoculation of the tetravalent influenza vaccine for children first started at Hangzhou Zhaohui Sub-district at 8:00 am on August 22.

Please note that adults only have to be shot one dose while children have to be shot two doses of the tetravalent influenza vaccine, with a spacing of one month between the two shots or a spacing of 14 days from other vaccinations required. Citizens may make appointment for the vaccination via “Zhejiang Government Affairs” App right now. The supply of the vaccines is ample at present.

As the period from October to March of the next year is high flu season, citizens are advised to complete the vaccination before the end of October.