Instructions for Hangzhouxi Station

With Sandun Interchange and the first section of No. 235 National Highway officially opening to traffic, as well as the completion of the northwest section of the ring road encircling Hangzhouxi Station, a complete inbound and outbound system that is convenient for travelling on foot and directly connects driving lanes with fast lanes has been developed to realize the integration of the city and the station and the systematic connection of the cities.

Two-way driving lanes are provided to ensure vehicles coming from east or west to withdraw by turnround lanes. Vehicles from Lin’an and Fuyang may access to the station by way of Yunxi Elevated Road. Liuxiang Fast Road is connected with Wenyi Fast Road (W) to realize long-distance transport.

The parking lot is within the station building, while the bus terminal is less than 300 m from the station to greatly shorten passengers’ travel distance. The taxi lanes are completely separated from the bus lanes, and the alternate parking of taxis diagonally in the form of “fish scale” is adopted to reduce the queuing cost for taxis to the maximum extent.

In addition, passengers may also reach the station by Metro Line 3 and airport express, and transfer at the brighter central part of the station. This indicates the ingenious design concept of “the architecture space leading the passengers”.

Besides the core concept of “entering the station at the center”, there are also some branch lanes provided for passengers on foot. Passengers may take elevators from the metro floor, or travel across 6m inter-layer and 31m corridor from the waiting floor. There are reserved passages leading to the south and north complexes, where photographic exhibitions will be held and museums will be established so that the station will also function as a tourist destination.