Hospital-nursery Cooperation: Hangzhou pediatricians provide contracted services for 1,026 nurseries

Infant care service has been included in Hangzhou people-oriented practical projects for a third consecutive year in 2022. As of the end of July, 1,026 nurseries have been covered by the contracted services of pediatricians. How do such hospital-nursery cooperation modes ensure comprehensive and scientific care of children? The answer boils down to four aspects: a set of growth and development tests, a series of lectures for parents, a contracted family doctor and a copy of children’s health manual, plus precise transfer treatment to higher-level hospital, according to the relevant person in charge.

Specifically, an infant may experience various stages of growth, such as learning to walk and speak. Different children may have different timing and performance in different stages. Such cooperation between hospital and nursery helps to alleviate anxieties of the parents by providing professional guidance for them and ensure a scientific and all-round development and growth of children. Also, parents may enjoy one-stop services at the nearby nursery institution.

The people-oriented project provides reassuring nursery services for parents. In addition to nursery, pediatricians also go to infant growth centers to provide continuous and professional services and guidance for parents.