Song-style artifacts made with paper tell stories

Hangzhou International Arts & Crafts Week 2022 and Hangzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation jointly launched cultural and creative brand of “super artisans”. Six super artisans showcased the crafts of paper cutting, paper lantern making, and fan making with their dexterous fingers on the site.

Ruan Xiaoping, a member of Hangzhou Disabled Artists Association, taught children how to imprint ink paintings on the oiled paper umbrella on the site. Despite the mutilated right hand, the artist could draw perfect paintings and provided free lectures for disabled persons loving calligraphy and painting. She combined painting with traditional craft of oiled paper umbrella making. Shang Zhenzhou, a septuagenarian with hearing impairment, shared the same enthusiasm for art. He inherited craftsmanship for Shangren lantern making from his elder generations and has become an idol for enthusiasts of Chinese traditional culture.

The memories of the city have been imprinted on the artworks which were created by artisans as well as by ordinary citizens. The experience activities in the Arts & Crafts Week narrated the stories of tradition, modernity, innovation and inheritance.

Since its opening, Hangzhou International Arts & Crafts Week has also attracted French and Italian artists to present their artworks, promoting the construction of the International Cultural Creativity Centre.