Paralympic champions shared wonderful stories at Asian Games Lecture

With the title of “Listening to the Life Stories of Paralympic Champions”, the Seventh Asian Games Lecture was held by Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee on August 25. Five Zhejiang Paralympic champions of different generations, including Zheng Xiongying, Chen Liangliang, Du Jianping, Tan Yujiao and Jiang Yuyan, shared their Olympic experiences and life stories with the audiences.

Zheng Xiongying, a native of Tonglu, was a member of women’s sitting volleyball champion team at London, Beijing and Athens Paralympics and is now the head of Zhejiang Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team. “Sports enable me to realize my own value. People with impaired legs or hands can also pursue their Olympic dreams,” said Zheng, who suffered from the impairment in legs. Now, with her rich experiences in partaking international events, she can provide concrete advises for improving the venues for the Asian Games with more user-friendly facilities for impaired people.

Tan Yujiao who ever won gold medals at the Rio and Tokyo Paralympics and now works at Xiaoshan International Airport, has been well prepared for the upcoming Asian Games through intense practice and expects to snatch a gold medal at the Asian Games which is to be held at her home city.

Chen Liangliang, one of the national top goalball players who ever took the crown at Beijing Paralympics with his stunning “whirlwind serve”, impressed audiences with his wonderful performance of guitar and singing on the site. “Although I am physically impaired, I am not lacking of courage to meet challenges in life,” he said.