The museum presents Song-style cultural and creative exhibition

“Gifts for Hangzhou Asian Games – Exhibition of Selected Cultural Gifts of the West Lake and Xixi Wetland Scenic Areas for Hangzhou Asian Games” kicked off in Hangzhou West Lake Museum on the morning of August 25. A total of 98 creative cultural gifts from the West Lake and Xixi Wetland Scenic Areas, including foods and non-food gifts, on display at the exhibition, comprehensively narrated the cultural stories of the scenic areas with different cultural creations and ideas. All units of the two scenic areas presented their special treasures and strove to outshine others through creativity and innovation.

Hupao Spring Water, which has been deeply rooted in the memory of Hangzhou citizens, adopts greenish blue, the typical color of the Southern Song Dynasty, as the main tone of its bottle to highlight the cultural vibe of the Song Dynasty. Five popsicles, which are designed after lotus flowers of West Lake, the scenic spot of “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon”, and a cute squirrel in the West Lake named Youbao, are extremely popular among audiences.

“Paintings on Woven Bamboo Wares with Asian Games Elements” as the intangible cultural heritage can express people’s expectations and blessings for Hangzhou Asian Games. Also, exquisite and tasty Chinese cakes and pastries, instead of moon cakes, in the design of ten views of the West Lake, are presented together with gift boxes decorated with patterns of the moon, mountains and rivers.

All these creative cultural products are subjected to offline appraisal by the panel of experts and online voting. While bringing brand-new visual experiences to the citizens and tourists, they also make contributions to integrating culture into daily life.