The key road leading to Hangzhouxi Station was fully open to traffic eight months in advance

Section from Wener Road (W) to Zhancheng Street (S) of Yunxi Ground-level Road

Despite the negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic, heavy traffic and intense heat, as well as the requirement of ensuring smooth traffic flow during the construction, the section between Wener Road (W) to Zhancheng Street (S) of the Yunxi Ground-level Road was fully open to traffic yesterday, 8 months ahead of schedule. This effectively relieves traffic jams in rush hours.

In addition, the inauguration of the road section ensures expedient access to Hangzhouxi Railway Station, facilitates fast and convenient transportation from Yuhang District to downtown Hangzhou, and brings along the development of economic industrial chain along the road. Also, it is of great significance to the construction of the new urban center in Hangzhou, improvement of urban road network and linking of urban circles in Hangzhou.