The largest rooftop PV station in Asia generated the power of 790 million kWh for Hangzhou from January to July

10 MW Rooftop PV Station at Hangzhoudong Railway Station

Data sources: Hangzhou Electric Power Bureau

The electricity consumption in Hangzhou soared as a result of the sustained intense heat. From January to July, Hangzhou generated green electricity of about 790 million kWh through PV power station, reducing carbon dioxide emission by 414,000 tons, which is equivalent to the emission reduction by 9,000 hectares of forest. PV power generation is the best green and low-carbon choice to meet the city’s demands for the electricity while protecting the environment. Hangzhoudong Station has the largest PV power station in Asia. Actually, rooftop PV power has also been applied to citizens’ lounges, household electric appliances and lamps. It is green and low carbon, because it is easy for installation and can ensure self-sufficient power supply.

However, a major fault about PV power generation is that it depends on the volatile weather conditions. The power generation will be greatly reduced on cloudy days. For this reason, the street lights are supplied by power grid to ensure stability of power supply.